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This page points to the site map and to detailed privacy, copyright and liability statements - which are summarized below -


We are committed to respecting your privacy and aspire to best practice in treatment of intellectual property.

Details of our policies and practices are supplied on separate pages for:

Privacy and confidentiality - our commitment not to misuse information provided to us | detail here

Intellectual Property - both the copyright in our publications (including this site) and how we approach the copyright of others | detail here

Liability- broadly identifying our relationship with our partners and third parties. | detail here

Those pages include answers to frequently asked questions (eg "can I copy parts of the site?").

The information contained on this site is not intended as legal advice. If you do have a legal problem you should talk to a lawyer before making a decision about what to do.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other queries.

     acceptance of terms & conditions

Use of this site signifies your agreement to abide by our terms and conditions.

Agreement does not exclude any rights and remedies available to you under the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act or similar Australian state/territory legislation that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified.


The laws covering the operation of this site and the interpretation of this disclaimer and terms of use shall be the laws of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Australia. Users agree to submit to the jurisdiction of courts of the ACT in the event of any claim or dispute. If any part of this disclaimer is invalid it does not affect the validity of any other part.

'Operators' means any person involved in any activity relating to the creation, maintenance and provision of access of this site, including but not limited to research, advising, copywriting, programming, the development of graphics, and maintenance of servers and communications facilities.

'Use' with respect to this site includes reliance on, gaining access to, downloading of, or copying in any manner, any materials contained in or referenced or linked to by this site.

'Users' and 'Visitor' has a corresponding meaning.

     third party relationships

Unless explicitly stated, the author is not an investor in, or otherwise receives financial benefits from, any of the companies featured in its guides and publications.

     names and marks

Discussion of corporate history, network development, regulatory disagreements and markets inevitably involves reference to corporate names, brands and other entities that enjoy protection in Australia or overseas under trademark law.

Those references do not imply that this site is endorsed by or associated with those trademark owners. The references are also not an attempt to mislead or deceive members of the public that the site and its author claim ownership of those marks, provide good/services under those marks or seek any benefit in relation to those marks.

Users of the site are thus on notice that inclusion of a name on this site does not mean that the site owner is providing services/products in breach of trademark or trade practices law.

     investment and other advice

Information on this site is provided on a non-commercial basis as a public service. We recommend that you seek the assistance of registered financial advisers before making any investment decision based on analyses and forecasts supplied on this site.

     ICRA rating

This site has been rated for ICRA as free of offensive content.

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     changes to this statement

The web is an evolving medium. Regulatory requirements, consumer expectations and best practice change. If we enhance our privacy policy or other policies at some point in the future, we will clearly identify the changes on the relevant pages before they take effect and the policy will be versioned accordingly.

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