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This page outlines your copyright rights and responsibilities when using this site.

It covers -

section heading icon   our copyright policy

Intellectual property is one of the bases of the information economy. Accordingly we respect your copyright and ask you to respect ours. T
he text, graphics and layout are protected under Australian and international intellectual property law.

If you have queries about reproduction of information from this site, links to it or references to the intellectual property of others, we encourage you to contact us.

The detailed intellectual property guide on this site offers more information about copyright, trademarks, business/software patents and other matters.

section marker icon    this site

This site is protected by Australian and international copyright law. The layout, images and text are the intellectual property of Bruce Arnold.

Apart from permitted uses under the Copyright Act 1968, this site may not be reproduced in whole or in part for general publication or commercial purposes without express permission.

Limited reproduction for noncommercial uses is permitted, e.g. copying of non-substantial parts for the purposes of journalism or scholarship, providing that full attribution is given.

Links to other sites (see liability) do not imply any ownership of the copyright of images and text at those locations.

Some pages on this site refer to corporate names or products that are the trademarks of other bodies. Those references are consistent with Australian and international law. They do not imply any ownership of those products or names.  

Our Affiliations page uses the logos of bodies such as the Internet Industry Association and the Association for Computing Machinery.  We are members of those bodies; inclusion of the logo does not imply ownership of that intellectual property. The Google search engine is used under licence from

METADATA is a trademark of the US Metadata Company. References on this site to 'metadata' are descriptive, ie relate to "data about data", and thus do not reflect products/services of that company.

section marker icon    frames

Unauthorised framing of pages from this site or other action that obscures identifying/navigation information (or otherwise leads a viewer to believe that the pages are the property of another entity) is prohibited.

section marker icon    print publications

Caslon Analytics print publications are similarly protected by copyright law and, in the case of material offered for sale by Caslon, by Australian and international contract law.

section marker icon    suleyman image

The image of the elephant on this site and Caslon publications, based on the Burgkmair woodcut, is copyright.

     changes to this policy

The web is an evolving medium. Regulatory requirements, consumer expectations and best practice change. If we enhance our copyright policy at some point in the future, we will identify the changes on this page before they take effect and the policy will be versioned accordingly.

You are viewing version 1.5 (January 2007).

subsection heading icon     corporate and other names

Discussion on this site of mergers, acquisitions, technological developments and regulatory disputes features reference to brand names, corporate bodies and other entities that are protected in Australia or overseas under trademark law.

Those references do not imply that this site is endorsed by or associated with those trademark owners. The references are also not an attempt to mislead or deceive members of the public that the site and its author claim ownership of those marks, provide good/services under those marks or seek any benefit in relation to those marks.

section marker icon    more information

We have answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our policy and liability. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Otherwise, refer to the substantial intellectual property guide on this site. It provides detailed information about legislation, writings, bodies and issues.

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