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This page identifies the overall architecture of the site, which comprises approximately 1,820 web pages (equivalent to several thousand A4 pages and containing over 2.4 million words).

Major components of the site have a more specific introduction, which you can access by clicking on the following schematic or text.

The following page itemises all parts of the site.
Major components are as follows.

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Menus at the top of each page identify the major components of this site.

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Pages in the About section describe who we are. They include a list of professional affiliations, contact details and background information about our logo. 

subsection heading icon     Site Use

The Site Use pages include legal information about use of the site - privacy, copyright, liability - along with the site map and FAQs. 

subsection heading icon     Resources

The Guides in this site are a free resource that ranges from copyright to taxation. Each guide consists of ten to thirty pages (in aggregate around a million words dealing with several thousand sites, reports and books).

They are supplemented by detailed profiles and notes that supply background information or examine particular issues in more detail. An indication of the content is here

subsection heading icon     Publications

The publications section includes public submissions and detailed papers on particular issues.

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