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This site concerns the intersection of law, digital technology, business and society.

It includes over 1,900 pages (2.43 million words) about regulatory issues, markets, demographics, business models, social trends and technologies.

The site provides in-depth independent analysis that ranges from spam and SMS to P3P, identity offences, biometrics, cybercafes and media economics.

It has been cited by Australian and overseas businesses, industry bodies, universities and government agencies.

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Explore the free guides about

-   privacy
-   publishing
-   intellectual property
-   net metrics
-   web design
-   e-marketing
-   consumerism
-   accessibility
-   governance of the net
-   e-taxation & tariffs

-   censorship
-   money & payments
-   e-capital
-   secrecy
-   info economy  
-   networks & the GII
-   digital environments
-   e-politics
-   security & infocrime
-   identity and ID crime

Supplementary profiles cover areas such as email, identity theft, digital divides, defamation, ICANN, the UDRP, cybercafes, auDA, droit de suite, RFIDs, private equity funds, the Australia Card, social software, blogging, broadband over powerline, usenet, cyber-addiction, DRM, the history of the web, moral rights, spoliation and repatriation, vigilantes, murderabilia, podcasting, biometrics, SWFs and archiving the net.

Thanks to our friends at Richtek for their continued support.

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