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Questions about our services?  Want more information? Contact us as follows.

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The email address for queries is info @ caslon com au.

Our practice is not to respond to unsolicited offerings from Bathurst, Bangalore, Lagos or Bucharest. This site features background information about spam as bad business practice and about email hoaxes (eg 'unbeatable' offers to share in billions supposedly secreted by Nigerian politicos, Osama Bin Laden, the Ceaucescus or other evildoers).

Please note that email addresses on this page and elsewhere in the site should not be added to a database or mailing list without our express permission. As a courtesy, please do not upload our info to Plaxo or another social software contact database.

Forgery of email addresses is, alas, increasing: like many government and commercial organisations we have been the victims of a forgery. Email that purports to come from us may not indeed be legitimate: please contact us by phone or post if you have any questions about the authenticity of a communication. A note on reading email headers is here.

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PO Box 132
Braddon  ACT  2612

subsection heading icon     technical problems?

If you experience problems with this site or have comments about it, please contact problems @ caslon com au.

Please note that the site operators and the ISP used by Caslon filter incoming electronic mail for spam. Messages from 'disposable' addresses such as Hotmail or from ISPs with a lenient attitude to spam may thus not reach us.

subsection heading icon     quick fixes

This site features information about consumer credit referencing services (and about banks, telcos, publishers and other businesses). Please note it is not operated by one of those services. It is not supported by a credit referencing agency.

We do not maintain your consumer credit records and cannot "fix" your record.


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