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section heading icon     a commitment to respect your privacy

This page outlines the privacy policy and how information about use of this site is handled.

The site embodies a recognition of the significance of personal and other information in the global information economy. (The privacy guide on this site highlights particular industry reports, academic studies and government regulations about privacy). 

The author is committed to respecting your privacy on a 'best practice' basis. Operation of the site complies with the Internet Industry Association's draft Code of Practice and the December 2000 amendments to the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

subsection marker     privacy on this site

Information about users of this website is not provided to another business entity or academic institution, ie we do not sell or otherwise provide profiling data or mailing lists to other bodies.

Information that identifies the network identity of any device accessing any page of the site may be retained and used for network analysis, usage analysis, and research into usage patterns for the purpose of improving our information services.

Apart from security/law enforcement exceptions noted below, we will not disclose or publish information that identifies individual machines, or may potentially identify sub-groupings of addresses without consent.

Access to and use of that information is restricted to Caslon Analytics personnel and contractors subject to an agreement to adhere to this policy. Data storage and disposal arrangements meet Australian best practice standards.

We reserve the right to gather more extensive information than indicated above regarding any attempted access to the site that raises security issues, or in circumstances where there is reason to believe a breach of the law is being or has been committed, and where necessary to make disclosures to the relevant authorities.

subsection marker     confidentiality of data collection

From time to time Caslon conducts surveys and gains information from focus groups or in one-on-one discussions. All information gathered - offline and online - is treated on a confidential basis.

Unless previously and explicitly identified during the collection process we do not disclose any data that could reasonably be expected to enable identification of individual citizens or that can be readily attributed to particular contacts.

subsection marker     commissioned studies

Feasibility studies and other reports commissioned from Caslon are treated on a strict commercial-in-confidence basis. Release, in full or in part, of data and recommendations is subject to prior agreement.


This site contains links to other sites, including those that are not maintained by Caslon Analytics and that are located in the United States or other jurisdictions outside Australia.

When you visit another site any information that you provide is governed by the privacy policy and legislation for that site. Caslon is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites, which may differ from our own.

We encourage visitors to be aware when they leave this site and to read the privacy statements of each and every site that collects personally identifiable information.

     changes to this policy

The web is an evolving medium. Regulatory requirements, consumer expectations and best practice change. If we enhance our privacy policy at some point in the future, we will identify the changes on this page before they take effect and the policy will be versioned accordingly.

You are viewing version 1.3 (February 2003).

subsection marker     questions?

We have answered some questions about our privacy policy but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.


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