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section heading icon     about Caslon Analytics

This page provides an introduction to Caslon Analytics.

It covers -

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subsection heading icon     the consultancy

Caslon Analytics is an Australian research, analysis and strategies consultancy. We have a particular interest in technology and regulation.

We help government bodies, businesses (large and small) and individuals reach their objectives.

How? By providing expert advice about electronic publishing, marketing, commerce and regulation of the net.

Some clients want a road map for the information highway: information about technological, legal and market developments that affect their online activity. We can give you a sense of internet opportunities and dangers. And we can work with you in understanding what your competitors - or your peers - are doing.

Other clients have sought advice about specific issues. These have included how to protect online intellectual property, whether the solution offered by a vendor will meet the client's needs, and identification of best practice.

We do not know all the answers. No one does. We emphasise the quality of our research, our insights and our willingness to listen. We'll get you to where you want to go, with a minimum of fuss, no jargon and no attitude.

subsection heading icon     who are we?

We have a background in government, business, education and agriculture.

subsection heading icon     explore this site

This site provides a free resource about key areas of the 'information economy', including intellectual property, privacy, electronic publishing, security, financial systems and content regulation.

An introduction to the site is here.

It has been cited by a range of businesses, industry organisations, government agencies and other and bodies such as -

  • the US National Academy of Science
  • European Commission
  • Berkman Centre at Harvard Law School
  • Melbourne University Law School
  • Australia New Zealand Standing Committee of Officials of Consumer Affairs
  • South African National Advisory Council on Innovation
  • Tampere University of Technology in Finland
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • US Congress
  • Interdisciplinary Centre for Law & IT, University of Louvain
  • Consumer Project on Technology
  • committees of the Victorian State Parliament
  • International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX)
  • Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers
  • Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
  • Australian Institute of Commercialisation
  • Deutsches Bucharchiv München
  • Harvard Business School
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information
  • Copyright Clearance Center
  • Australian Institute of Criminology.

Caslon staff have been cited or appeared in publications such as -

  • the Sydney Morning Herald
  • Australian Financial Review
  • Management Today magazine
  • British Medical Journal
  • Adelaide Advertiser
  • Murdoch University E-Law Journal
  • London Daily Telegraph
  • Medical Journal of Australia
  • Virginia Journal of Law & Technology
  • Australian Art Review
  • Journal of Community Informatics
  • Malaysia Star
  • First Monday
  • Privacy Law & Policy Reporter
  • Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique

and in range of academic and other books.

We have highlighted that recognition here.

subsection heading icon     contact

Email, fax, phone and postal details are on our contact page.




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