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This page highlights recognition through citation in official reports.

It covers -

The following page highlights recognition by organisations.

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Citations include -

  • the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Unsolicited Commercial Communication Consultation Paper (2006)
  • Australian Law Reform Commission report For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law & Practice (2008)
  • report of the Victorian Parliamentary Committee Inquiry on Regional Telecommunications Infrastructure for Business
  • Proceedings of the 11th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (2005)
  • Strategic Plan for the Entertainment Industry of Trinidad & Tobago
  • A study into the effect on the UK art market of the introduction of the artist's resale right by Katy Graddy, Noah Horowitz & Stefan Szymanski for the UK Intellectual Property Institute (2008)
  • A Report on the Surveillance Society, UK Information Commissioner (2006)
  • Indigenous Art - Securing the Future: Australia's Indigenous visual arts and craft sector - Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology & the Arts Committee report (2007)
  • Money Laundering in Digital Currencies - US Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center report (2008)
  • Indigenous cultural and intellectual property: the main issues for the Indigenous arts industry in 2006 (Australia Council) by Terri Janke & Robynne Quiggin (2006)
  • MINERVAeC IPR Guide (MInisterial NEtwoRk for Valorising Activities in digitisation, eContentplus - Supporting the European Digital Library - eContentplus) edited by Ciaran Clissman (2008)
  • National Review of Aged Care Assessment Teams - Department of Health & Ageing (2007)
  • 'Walking together, working together’: Aboriginal research partnerships (Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre) by Jocelyn Davies (2007)
  • The State Government's Role in Developing and Promoting Information Communications Technology (ICT) In Western Australia - Parliament Economics & Industry Standing Committee, Western Australia (2007)
  • Study on Interoperability, Diversity & Service Models in Digital Broadcasting Markets - European Commission (2003)
  • Digital Delivery in Distribution & Logistics - OECD Working Party on the Information Economy (2005)
  • Intellectual Property Management: A Practical Guide For Electrical And Electronics Related Industries - Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association (2007)
  • Report of the Consumer Credit Review - Government of Victoria (2006)
  • Blasphemy, religious insults and hate speech against persons on grounds of their religion: Report of the Council of Europe Committee on Culture, Science & Education (2007)
  • Report of the Independent Audit into the State of Free Speech in Australia (2007)
  • Development of Price Setting Formulae for Commercial Spectrum Rights at Expiry for the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development (2003), COVEC
  • Licensing Nature Tourism Operators in Western Australia: Business Impediments & Recommendations (Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism Report) by Sabrina Genter, Jo Beckwith & David Annandale (2007)
  • Victorian Electronic Democracy (Final Report) - Scrutiny of Acts & Regulations Committee, Victorian Parliament (2005)
  • Towards a Dutch Interoperability Framework: Recommendations to the Forum Standaardisatie, The Netherlands by Jeff Rothenberg, Maarten Botterman & Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau (RAND Europe, 2008)
  • Mapping Social Entrepreneurship and the Role of Charitable Foundations in Electronic Media: 1946-1996 (Ford Foundation Grant) by Edward Lenert (2003)

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