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This page highlights recognition through citation in academic dissertations.

The following pages highlight citations in peer reviewed journal articles and official reports, along with recognition by organisations that range from the European Commission and Council of Europe to the Canadian Standards Association, South African National Advisory Council on Innovation, Melbourne University Law School and OECD Working Party on the Information Economy.

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  • John Cokley - The Application of in situ Digital Networks to News Reporting and Delivery (PhD, Griffith 2004)
  • Ray Fung - Networking Vendor Strategy & Competition and Their Impact on Enterprise Network Design & Implementation at MIT (MBA, MIT 2006)
  • William Wilde - ICT in Support of Economically Sustainable R3 Communities: A SISP-based Study of 'Networking the Nation' (PhD, South Australia 2006)
  • Ana Alonso - La globalización y el mito del tamaño en la industria mediática y de telecomunicaciones (2005)
  • Deborah Bowen - Towards an e-Criture Feminine: Woolf, DuPlessis, Cixous, and the Emerging Discursive Tradition in Women's Online Diaries (PhD, South Florida 2004)
  • Grant Coble-Neal - Cost functions, subaddivity and natural monopoly: review, extension and application to Australian telecommunications (PhD, Curtin 2005)
  • Robyn Sheahan-Bright - To Market to Market: The Development of the Australian Children's Publishing Industry (PhD, Griffith 2005)
  • May-Britt Kollenhof Bruning - Emergence of distinctive patterns in the mediation of cyberborne disputes: changes, challenges and chances (M, Amsterdam 2006)
  • Min Hang - Media Business Venturing: A Study on the Choice of Organizational Mode (Jönköping, 2007)
  • Greg Young-Ing - Intellectual Property Rights, Legislated Protection, Sui Generis Models & Ethical Access in the Transformation of Indigenous Traditional Knowledge (British Columbia, 2006)
  • Ali Farek Mohamad - Powerline Communication - the Access Technology for realizing AMM and Broadband Services (Technical University of Denmark 2006)
  • Christophe Spaenjers - The True Value of Art? On Price Formation and Returns in the Art Market (MPhil, Tilburg 2007)
  • Hans Mommaas - Vrije tijd in een tijdperk van overvloed (Tilburg 2003)
  • Mark Brogan - Transformation Theory and E-Commerce Adoption (PhD, Edith Cowan 2006)
  • Kyle Babb - 'Roll Over Beethoven': The Reaction of Classical Music Recording Divisions to the Continuing Emergence of a Consumer Culture in America between 1956 and 1982 (Baylor 2007)
  • Adrian Hadland - The South African print media, 1994-2004: An application and critique of comparative media systems theory (PhD, Capetown 2007)
  • Michal Vanovcan - Nová ekonomika a jej potenciál pre svetové hospodárstvo (Bratislava 2003)
  • Keita Mochizuki - Two Cultures, Two Worldviews: Page 1 News in Le Monde and Asahi Shimbun, 2005 (MSc, Ohio 2007)
  • Richard Makarski - A Surveillance Society and the Conflict State: Leveraging Ubiquitous Surveillance and Biometrics Technology to Improve Homeland Security (MSc, Monterey 2002)
  • Hiromi Koizumi - Impacts of Economic Globalisation on Human Rights in Australia's Foreign Policy: A Case Study (MA, Wollongong 2007)
  • Silvia Stolzenburg - The English Bestseller and the Bookmarket in the 1990s (PhD, Tübingen 2006)
  • Kathryn Woodham - Translating Linguistic Innovation in Francophone African Novels (PhD, Nottingham 2007)
  • Wim Slabbinck - Een Psychobiosociale En Gendergerichte Kijk Op Mannelijke En Vrouwelijke Pornografie (Louvain 2007)
  • Louise Dougal - Does Level of Educational Attainment and Readability Level of Text Affect Understanding Of Health Leaflets? A Questionnaire Based Study Using Readability Formulae (Edinburgh 2006)
  • Andrea Gorra - An analysis of the relationship between individuals’ perceptions of privacy and mobile phone location data - a grounded theory study (PhD, Leeds 2007)
  • Marzena Romanowska - Religious Offence As A Political Tool: The Role of Religion in the Limitation of Freedom of Expression (MA, Institut Europeen des Hautes Etudes Internationales 2008)
  • Sony Karsono - Setting History Straight? Indonesian Historiography in the New Order (MA, Ohio 2005)
  • Michaela Beham - Der Einfluss von Medienunternehmen und Medienmoguln auf den europäischen Pressemarkt und die Regulierungsmaßnahmen der EU. Mit besonderer Berücksichtigung von Deutschland und Italien (Salzburg 2005)
  • Shiva Farzaneh Pour - User Identification Roadmap towards 2020:A study of personal identification challenges for ubiquitous computing world (MSc, Blekinge 2008)
  • Vanaja Karagiannidis - CoOperative Satisfaction Factors for Effective Strategic Alliances in the Australian Telecommunications Industry (DBA, Victoria 2008)
  • Olivia Ralevski - Hedging the Art Market: Creating Art Derivatives (MBA, Edinburgh 2008)
  • Susan Davies - Cyberdrama and Forms of Youth Engagement (MA, QUT 2006)
  • Cecilia Penzhorn - The implementation, monitoring & management of an effective legal deposit system for South Africa (DPhil, Pretoria 2007)

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