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This page highlights recognition through citation in peer reviewed journal articles and symposium papers.

It covers -

The following page highlights recognition in government, industry and academic reports.

subsection heading icon    articles and research papers

Citations include -

  • 'The Private Sector Amendment to Australia's Privacy Act: A First Step On The Road To Privacy' by Alexandra McKay in 14(1) Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal (2003), 223-251
  • 'Harassment through the Digital Medium: A Cross-Jurisdictional Comparative Analysis on the Law on Cyberstalking' by Warren Chik in 3(1) Journal of International Commercial Law & Technology (2008)
  • 'Acceptance of blog usage: The roles of technology acceptance, social influence and knowledge sharing motivation' by Chin-Lung Hsu & Judy Chuan-Chuan Lin in 45(1) Information & Management (2008), 65-74
  • 'Creating a Market for Justice; a Market Incentive Solution to Regulating the Playing Field: Judicial Deference, Judicial Review, Due Process, and Fair Play in Online Consumer Arbitration' by Llewellyn Gibbons in 23(1) Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business (2002), 1-64
  • 'Can the Australian Model be Applied to US Moral Rights Legislation?' by Joan Pattarozzi in 15 Cardozo Journal of International & Comparative Law (2007), 423-57
  • 'Protecting Hippocratic Ideals: Geographic Information and Implications for Bioprivacy' by George Cho in 4(1) International Journal of Geoinformatics (2008)
  • 'Not Dead, Just Sleeping: Canada's Prohibition on Blasphemous Libel as a Case Study in Obsolete Legislation' by Jeremy Patrick (2008)
  • 'The Law, Politics, and "Historical Wounds": The Dja Dja Warrung Bark Etchings Case in Australia' by Elizabeth Willis in 15 International Journal of Cultural Property (2008), 49-63
  • 'Balancing Public and Private Interests in Database-Protection' (Faculty of Law, Heinrich-Heine Universitaet Duesseldorf, Center for Business & Corporate Law Research Paper Series 03) by Michael Beurskens (2004)
  • 'Research And Development Productivity And Spillovers: Empirical Evidence At The Firm Level' by Robert Wieser in 19(4) Journal of Economic Surveys (2005), 587-621
  • 'Cyber Chaos: The Clash Between Band Fansites and Intellectual Property Holders' by KJ Geary-Boehm in Southern Illinois University Law Journal (2005), 87-122
  • 'The Dawn of A New Age' by Sarah Hinchliffe in 15(1) Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law (2008), 43-55
  • 'Human Computer Interaction Based Intrusion Detection' by Roman Yampolskiy in International Conference on Information Technology (ITNG'07) (2007), 837-842
  • 'US Jurisdictional Monopolization of International Cybersquatting Disputes: A Review of Current Inequities and Future Consequences' by Aaron Horowitz in 11 Journal of Technology Law & Policy (2006), 191-224
  • 'Accepting Droit de Suite as an Equal and Fair Measure Under Intellectual Property Law and Contemplation of Its Implementation in the United States Post Passage of the EU Directive' by Mara Grumbo in 30 Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal (2008), 357-386
  • 'Management knowledge and knowledge management: Realism and forms of truth' by John Mingers in 6(1) Knowledge Management Research & Practice (2008), 62-76
  • 'Indigenous Knowledge & Intellectual Property: A Sustainability Agenda' by Margaret Raven & Dora Marinova (2006)
  • 'Cleaning Metadata on the World Wide Web: Suggestions for a Regulatory Approach' by Marcel Gordon in 24(4) John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law (2006), 531-568
  • 'Email-facilitated qualitative interviews with traumatic brain injury survivors: A new and accessible method' by Jennifer Egan, Lesley Chenoweth & Donna McAuliffe in 20(12) Brain Injury (2006), 1283-1294
  • 'Identity Management: Is an Identity Card the Solution for Australia?' by Margaret Jackson & Julian Ligertwood in 24(4) Prometheus (2006), 379-387
  • 'Muted voices in the legislative process: the role of scholarship in US Congressional efforts to protect children from internet pornography' by Jeffrey Blevins & Fernando Anton in 10(1) New Media & Society (2008), 115-137
  • 'Spam After CAN-SPAM: How Inconsistent Thinking Has Made A Hash Out of Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail Policy' by Jeffrey Sullivan & Michael de Leeuw in 20(4) Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal (2004), 887-932
  • 'Content Cybercrimes: Criminality and Censorship in Asia' by Roderic Broadhurst in 34 Indian Journal of Criminology (2006), 11-30
  • 'Centre & Creative Periphery in the Histories of the Book in the English Speaking World and Global English Studies' by Ian Willison in Publishing History (2006)
  • 'Fine Art Online: Digital Imagery and Current International Interpretations of Ethical Considerations in Copyright Law' by Molly Torsen' in 5(1) Digital Technology Law Journal (2004)
  • 'An intelligent proactive security system for cyber centres using Cognitive Agents' by P. Venkataram, Jeremy Pitt, B. Sathish Babu & E. Mamdani in 2(3) International Journal of Information and Computer Security (2008), 235-249
  • 'On updating problems in latent semantic indexing' by Hongyuan Zha & Horst Simon in 21(2) SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (1999), 782-791
  • 'New Zealand's Efforts to Catch Up in Legislating Against Spam' by Adrian Sawyer in 21(7) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation (2006), 409-415
  • 'International regulation of the publication of publicly accessible personal information' by Marcia Neave in 10 Privacy Law & Policy Reporter (2003), 120
  • 'Be Careful What You Click For: An Analysis of Online Contracting' by Rachel Conklin in 20(3) Loyola Consumer Law Review (2008), 325-347
  • 'Deregulating Relevancy in Internet Trademark Law' by Eric Goldman in 54 Emory Law Journal (2005), 507-598
  • 'Cyberstalking: Utilizing Newspaper Accounts to Establish Victimization Patterns' by Laura Moriarty & Kimberly Freiberger in 3(2) Victims and Offenders (2008), 131-141
  • 'The Maoriland Worker and Blasphemy in New Zealand' by Geoffrey Troughton in 91 Labour History (2006), 113-129
  • 'High Speed and Reliable Anti-Spam Filter' by Jalel Rejeb, Thuy Le & Narinder Anand in International Conference on Software Engineering Advances (2006), 66
  • Graham Greenleaf's Still quacking like a duck: The national ID Card proposal - University of New South Wales Faculty of Law Research Series (2007)
  • Ana Alonso's 'La globalización y el mito del tamaño en la industria mediática y de telecomunicaciones' (2005)
  • 'Media Licensing, Convergence and Globalization' by Robert Horvitz in 1 EastBound (2006), 202-226
  • Deborah Bowen's 'Towards an e-Criture Feminine: Woolf, DuPlessis, Cixous, and the Emerging Discursive Tradition in Women's Online Diaries' (2004)
  • 'A Call for Action: The Need for Canadian Spam Legislation' by Perry Cheung in 7 Asper Review of International Business and Trade Law (2007), 227-252
  • 'Language Networks on LiveJournal' by Susan Herring, John Paolillo et al in 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2007), 79-90
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  • 'The Constitutional Failing of the AntiCybersquatting Act' by Ned Snow in Willamette Law Review (2005), 1-84
  • 'Reconstructing Contemporary Democracy' by Jan Scholte in 15 (XXX) Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (2008), 1-47
  • 'The Semiotics of Digital Law' by Andreas Schreiner in 17(3) International Journal for the Semiotics of Law (2004), 259-266
  • 'Multi-Lateral Recognition of PKI Certification Authorities in the Asian Region: Transborder Data Flow and Information Privacy Issues' by Alana Maurushat in 35 Hong Kong Law Journal (2005), 569-595
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