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This page highlights conference presentations, seminars and workshops.

It covers -

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Presentations in 2010 include -

'Identity Crime', Superannuated Commonwealth Officers Association, December 2010

'Identity Theatre: Rhetoric and Reality in Contemporary National Identity Schemes', ANZSOG Institute for Governance Seminar Series, November 2010

'Technological Identity Gothic', ANZSOG Justice meeting, August 2010

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Recent conference and seminar presentations, lectures and articles have included -

'Digital Handcuffs or Electronic Nannies: Children, Privacy and Emerging Surveillance Technologies' - plenary session paper at Victorian Privacy Commissioner's Watch This Space children and privacy conference, May 2010 (PDF)

To Have And To Hold? Law, Acquisition and Deaccessioning in Australian Cultural Institutions - Thriving In Adversity Cultural Institutions Conference, Albury, June 2010

Does The Internet Fade Your Intellectual Property - Thriving In Adversity Cultural Institutions Conference, Albury, June 2010

'The Face of Anxiety in the Age of Biometrics' - Apparitions and Avatars, July 2010 (PDF)

Monster Under The Bed? Analysing Business, Cultural & Political Concerns
Sovereign Wealth Funds Summit, Sydney, 25-26 June (PDF program)

Profiling the Financial Criminal
Financial Crimes Forum, Australian Bankers Association, Sydney, 24 October (PDF paper)

Identity Crime in the Cybercrime Environment
presentation for Management of Serious Crime (MOSC) program, Australia Federal Police College, 2 October 2007 (PDF)

Identity Crime
presentation for Property & Liability Discussion Group, Australia & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance, 16 May 2007 (PDF)

The LAN Game Ate My Brain, Dude: 'MMORPG Addiction' and Australian Law

Reparation and Memory: Perspectives on the Klimt Case and the repatriation of cultural property

Hear that Lonesome Whistle Blow: Incentives, Inhibitors and Whistleblowing in Australian Business
[contributed chapter]

How much did the network cost (and who paid for it)? Colonial telecommunication economics and Telstra privatisation

It's my flag and it'll burn if I want to - perspectives on flag burning

It cures cancer, warts and dandruff: Community Expectations and Spin in the Tasmanian Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) Trial

Avoiding The Privacy Pitfalls: Managing Privacy, Managing DRM (half day workshop at Digital Rights Management 2006, March 2006)

Identity Theft [Security Solutions magazine]

Australian Telecommunications Governance

Building the High Tech State: Government, Research, Finance, Markets

Public and Private Sector Web Service Strategies, Challenges and Mechanisms [Beijing]

Understanding ERP in the Online Environment: An Outcome rather than Vendor-driven Approach

RFIDs in the Glass Pipeline [Tianjin]

SOAP and Mirrors?: System Integration and Identifiers in the Supply Chain

Tom Cruise or the Gummi-Bears Picnic? Sense, Stupidity and Sensationalism in Biometrics

Echoes in the Sheltered Workshop: Questioning the Relevance, Legitimacy & Influence of Two Australian Online Policy Fora

Put That Rat Back In The Cage (And Get Off Your Behind): Why Copyright Term Extension Is A Good Thing

Redefining Citizenship? - Internet Governance, National Citizens and Expectations of Representation - Australian Electronic Governance Conference 2004 (with Liz Williams) here

Venture Capital, Risk and Innovation Funding in Australian High Technology

Making Sense of the Spam Act: Principles, Best Practice and Future Directions

Regulatory Frameworks and Electronic Publishing in Australia

Investment in Australian New Media

Identity Theft

Froth and Babel? Making Sense of UDDI, JINI and SOAP

Online Privacy Technologies and Australian Law: Recent Developments and Future Prospects

The Digital Thesis: Where To From Here?

Bad Names: The Politics of Naming, Navigation and Free Speech in Cyberspace

The dot-au DNS List: Some Preliminary Conclusions About an Online e-Governance Forum

Pink Bits: Online Erotica, Markets and Economics

Commodifying the ccTLDs

I Wanna Wanna See Your Blog: Cultures of Celebrity and Infoglut

section marker     past events

Presentations in 1999 through 2006 included -

The Other Side of the Counter: What Do Consumers Think About Privacy? (PDF) (presentation at Victorian Department of Justice Practical Privacy Workshop, 31 August 2006)

O'Reilly's Irish Dream: Broadband, the 'Celtic Tiger' and the Wired Economy in Australia and Eire

Technologies of Frustration - Navigation, Publishing and Online Marketing

The Byte Tax: Ending the Internet's tax-free status?

Who's Who in the Regulatory Zoo: Mapping 'New Media' Regulation and Industry Support Initiatives

Little Johnny Can't Play: Datacasting, Open Access and Elections

Dealing in Digital Demographics: The Web Metrics Industry and E-Commerce Forecasting

Going for a Walk with a Line: Klee, Benjamin and Australian Academic Responses to Infotopia

Building a Regulatory Architecture in Cyberspace: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada and the United States

Technical Publishing, Markets and the New Millennium

The Digital Agenda and Web Design

Beyond the Banner: Standards, Technologies and Behaviour in the Online Advertising Market

National Information Policy Revisited

Yahoo Unserious: The Future of Australia's Cultural Network

The Revolution Won't Be Digitised: DTV, Markets and Media Ownership Questions in Australia and the US

Moral Rights Online: New Media and Copyright for Canberra Web Designers



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