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section heading icon     1966 to 1976

This page of the timeline covers -

section marker     1966

Xerox sells the Telecopier, first US fax machine

first transatlantic container ship traffic

first direct TV pictures from the moon

first exchange via satellite of television signals between Australia and UK

International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (ICCPR)

beginning of Cultural Revolution in China

Moore's Social Origins of Dictatorship & Democracy

Nokia established

International Covenant on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ICESCR)

section marker     1967

Dolby eliminates audio hiss

R v Jordan [UK]

Davies establishes UK National Physical Data Laboratory Network

Engelbart establishes ARPAnet NIC (Network Information Center) at Stanford Research Institute

Outer Space Treaty

Engelbart gains US patent for computer mouse

Sony introduces Trinitron colour TV

commercially available light pen for computers

Australian ISBN Agency established

prerecorded movies on videotape sold for home use

Canadian Overseas Telecommunication Corporation becomes Teleglobe Canada

Myer buys Cox Bros. and Foys

BHP enters petroleum industry in Bass Strait

cordless telephones

200 million telephones in the world - half are in US

Dialog nationwide online retrieval system in US

Software Resources Corporation (SRC) founded

Xerox's DATRIX is first commercial service to search database of over 120,000 dissertation citations

OCLC established

Katz v United States privacy case in US

Atlantic Software founded

Boole & Babbage Inc founded

International Computer Programs (ICP)

English Electric Computers formed through merger of Elliott-Automation with English Electric Leo

IBM releases floppy disk

GEC buys Associated Electrical Industries (AEI) (Metropolitan-Vickers, BTH, Edison Swan, Siemens Bros, Hotpoint and WT Henley)

section marker     1968

Pearson buys Longman publishing

Time buys Little Brown

GEC buys English Electric (Elliott Bros, Marconi Company, Ruston & Hornsby, Stephenson, Hawthorn & Vulcan Foundry, Willans & Robinson and Dick Kerr)

ICT merges with English Electric Computers as ICL

Intel founded

Cincom Systems founded

Cullinane (later Cullinet) founded

eight inch floppy diskette

KMart launched in Australia as joint venture of Coles and Kresge

200 million TV sets in the world - 78 million in US

RAM chip reaches market

federal Architectural Barriers Act in US

Watson's The Double Helix

ARPANet contract given to Bolt, Beranek & Newman (BBN)

US Information Industry Association founded

Control Data buys Custom Credit Corp

Computer Science Corp. is first software house listed on NYSE

section marker     1969

Dialog online database launched by Lockheed

launch of MEDLINE database in Australia

first ARPANet node installed at UCLA Network Measurement Center

astronauts send live video from moon

Sony's U-Matic puts videotape on a cassette

Myer launches Target discount store chain

Seiko produces first quartz wristwatch

television in 97% of US households

Woodstock and Manson murders

television in 30 million USSR households

US government lawsuit claims IBM guilty of "illegal monopolisation of computing industry"

Siemens founds Kraftwerk Union and Transformatoren Union

UK Post Office established as public corporation

Microwave Communications Inc. (later MCI) gets license to operate long-distance service from St Louis to Chicago

Honeywell releases H316 'Kitchen Computer'

Xerox takes control of minicomputer group Scientific Data Systems (SDS)

Murdoch buys News of the World

Penthouse launched

UNIX released

Pansophic founded

Advanced Micro Devices founded

Steve Crocker launches Request for Comments (RFC) process later utilised by IETF

Compuserve founded

section marker     1970

prototype videodisk

European Association of Information Services founded

Greer's The Female Eunuch

Reich's Greening of America

US National Commission on Libraries & Information Science

Kinko's founded

first Earth Day

first ATM and Jumbo Jet service

Royal Dutch/Shell group acquires Billiton

ANZ Bank merges with English, Scottish & Australian Bank to form Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)

Batelle Automated Search Information System (BASIS) is operational

US 'Talk Radio' begins in Boston with telephone calls to fill dead spots

US Clearinghouse for Federal Scientific & Technical Information becomes National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Xerox opens Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

General Electric abandons computer business

Bull-General Electric acquired by Honeywell

US Clean Air Act

Penn Central, then 6th largest US group, collapses

40,000 microwave ovens sold in US

section marker     1971

Karp suggests "host mnemonics", precursor of DNS

Pearson buys Penguin Books

MEDLARS fully operational in Australia

Nomi's Ketsueki-gata de Wakaru Aisho

first commercially available microprocessor

first complete synthesis of a gene

200 Motels by Frank Zappa is first feature film shot entirely on colour videotape and transferred to film

Stigler's 'The Theory of Economic Regulation'

Intel builds the microprocessor, "a computer on a chip"

Wang 1200 is world's first word processor

section marker     1972

Atari founded by Nolan Bushnell

first successful patent on wheeled suitcases

email invented by BBN's Ray Tomlinson

Ida Hoos' Systems Analysis in Public Policy: A Critique

first desktop electronic calculator by Hewlett-Packard

first CAT scan and commercial barcodes

Time's HBO starts first cable pay-TV service in US

5UV in Adelaide is Australia's first community radio broadcaster

BBC offers "Ceefax," two-way cable information system

Landsat I, 'eye-in-the-sky' satellite, launched

Seabed Convention

first handheld calculator, from Texas Instruments

Sony's Portapak, a portable video recorder

Pong is first electronic video game for TV as an add-on

Seymour Cray establishes own supercomputer company

Pouzin establishes CYCLADES network in France for INRIA

Hewlett Packard release first scientific handheld calculator

SAP founded

Club of Rome's Limits To Growth

Siemens and Philips found Polygram

Eugene Kleiner and Tom Perkins form Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers venture capital firm

US Supreme Court addresses reporter's privilege in Branzburg v Hayes

section marker     1973

Compuware founded

Morino Associates founded

first non-US connections to ARPANET

Hasegawa & Tappert propose use of optical fibre

Slate & Atkin's Chess 4.0 program

first operational Alto computer at Xerox PARC

Bain & Co founded

Bell's The Coming of Post-Industrial Society

1973 energy shock

BASIS is first online search system allowing simultaneous users to search over one million records

New York Times Information Bank becomes publically available

Lexis goes public

Honeywell-Bull Services sold to Banque Nationale de Paris

section marker     1974

first products with barcodes

US Federal Paperwork Act

US Federal Privacy Act

OPEC oil shock

International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG) founded

Philips markets first domestic video cassette recorder

Cerf & Kahn's A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection details design of TCP

paper by Vint Cerf introduces term "internet"

108 floor Sears Tower, Chicago (1,450 feet)

Ted Nelson's Computer Lib

Berlusconi media group founded

Philips buys Magnavox

GEC buys Yarrow Shipbuilders

Zilog founded

Commonwealth Trade Practices Act 1974 in Australia

section marker     1975

Microsoft founded

Computer Associates founded

first handheld mobile phone

first major ISP - CompuServe

West Law Retrieval System publicly available

Asper establishes first station of CanWest Global group

Xerox sells SDS to Honeywell, withdraws from computer industry

Kurzweil invents flat-bed scanner

Byte magazine founded

merger of Honeywell-Bull and CII

Philips buys Signetics

1 million microwave ovens sold in US

section marker     1976

Murdoch buys The Times, The Sunday Times and NY Post

DPP v Majewski [UK]

first Apple computer

von Hayek's Denationalisation of Money

ComputerLand chain founded in US

Australian MEDLINE service networked

Northern Electric & Manufacturing becomes Northern Telecom (later Nortel)

prepaid phone cards introduced in Italy

Kurzweil Reading Machine

patents registered by USPTO reach 4 million mark

Diffie & Hellman's New Directions in Cryptography describes public key cryptography

Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) founded

Australian Broadcasting Control Board becomes Australian Broadcasting Tribunal

Ethernet described

Ted Turner delivers programming across US by satellite

Cray-1, first supercomputer

first Concorde flight

OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises

Electric Pencil software

cable television in 15% of US households

Warner buys Atari for US$28m

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