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section heading icon    resources

This page highlights some major points of entry for understanding copyright and industrial prperty, including online resources, printed guides and journals.

It covers -

Other pages in the guide point to papers, industry studies, government reports and other writing of particular value.

subsection heading icon     Australian sites 

Within Australia four outstanding intellectual property resources are:

the Australian Copyright Council  (ACC) site, noted on the preceding page of this guide

the IMAGO APIPLI Multimedia Law Website (IMLW) is being developed by the IMAGO Multimedia Centre and the Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute (APIPLI) at Murdoch University 

the Australian Intellectual Property Law Locus (IPLocus). Developed by Anne Fitzgerald and Peter Coroneos, the site has not been updated recently but draws together a wide range of legislation, court reports, articles and other material relating to copyright, patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and other aspects of IP

the IP Australia site, concerned with industrial property such as patents, trademarks and designs

At a somewhat more rarified level is the Intellectual Property Research Institute (IPRIA) at Melbourne University.

subsection heading icon     overseas

Overseas sites of particular interest include

Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition & Tax Law (here)

Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute at the University of London (here)

Centre of Intellectual Property & Information Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge (here)

Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre (here)

Shepherd & Wedderburn Centre for Research into Intellectual Property & Technology at Edinburgh University (here)

Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University (here)

Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley (here)

Centre for Innovation Law & Policy at the University of Toronto (here)

subsection heading icon     Australian manuals and guides 

Particular aspects of copyright, such as music and the visual arts, have been the subject of guides by Shane Simpson and others, although most are showing their age. The Australian Museums Online initiative provides access to the short Copyright Guidelines For Museums & Galleries In A Digital Environment (note that it predates the recent Digital Agenda legislation).

We strongly recommend the series of information sheets - accessible online - and the more detailed guides published by the Australian Copyright Council (ACC).

subsection heading icon     overseas manuals and guides

Overseas we like The Copyright Book: A Practical Guide (Cambridge: MIT Press 1999), a lucid one-volume work for US readers by William Strong, and the Friends of Active Copyright Education (FACE) online resource centre. We've noted Strong's 1995 article on Copyright in the New World of Electronic Publishing in the excellent Journal of Electronic Publishing.

Intellectual Property: A Managers Guide
(Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill 1991) is a collection of papers edited by Vivien Irish. Not as authoritative or entertaining as Strong, but recommended for its matter-of-fact approach to the EU regime.

Neil Sullivan's Technology Transfer (Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press 1995) is a crisp introduction to identifying, valuing and marketing industrial property.

subsection heading icon     journals, newsgroups and blogs 

There has been a wave of new intellectual property journals over the past two decade, as copyright law - and more broadly industrial property law - shed its fusty image.

Journals of particular interest for Australian law include -

  • Australian Intellectual Property Journal (AIPJ) - articles and case notes
  • Copyright Reporter - articles, case notes and news
  • Intellectual Property Forum - papers of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia
  • Intellectual Property Journal (IPJ) - articles regarding Canadian IP law
  • Intellectual Property Quarterly (IPQ) - detailed articles with a UK focus, under auspices of UK Intellectual Property Institute
  • European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR) - articles, case notes and reviews
  • International Review of Industrial Property & Copyright Law (IIC) - articles, case notes and reviews, under auspices of Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law

Among new kids on the block the Perth-based intellectual property Digital Technology Law Journal is worth reading. 

The UK-based Copyright World (CWorld)  offers a monthly email bulletin on international copyright developments.

We'll be adding to the following list of online (free) journals that specialise in IP or have a strong interest in copyright:

Digital Technology Law Journal (DTLJ) - is a 'digital IP'  journal from the Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Law Institute at Murdoch University, developers of the multimedia law website noted above. The Murdoch E-Law Journal (ELaw) is also worth perusal

Intellectual Property Magazine (IPMag) and Intellectual Property News (IPN) are publications from two US law firms

Journal of Law & Information Science (JLIS) and the Journal of Information, Law & Technology (JILT) are UK academic journals

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology (JOLT) 

John Marshall Law School Review of Intellectual Property Law (RIPL) and Villanova Sports & Entertainment Law Journal (VSELJ)

Federal Communications Law Journal (FCLJ) is a major US journal. The excellent EU-based  International Journal Of Communications Law & Policy (IJCLP) - based in Germany - and the Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review (MTTLR) are also recommended.

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology (JOLT) - abstracts from Harvard Law School

Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ)

Intellectual Property & Technology Forum (IPTF) - Boston College of Law

Among newsgroups the CNI Copyright & Intellectual Property Forum, operated by the US Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), is of particular significance.

Blogs by IP specialists include -

  • Warwick Rothnie (Australia) IP Wars | here
  • Nicholas Weston's Australian Trade Marks Law blog | here
  • Martin Schwimmer (US) The Trademark Blog | here
  • Kimberly Weatherall (Australia) lawfont | here
    (replacing Weatheralls Law | here)
  • William Patry (US) Patry Copyright Blog | here
  • Copyfight (US) | here
  • Creative Commons (US) | here
  • Axel Horns (Germany) | here
  • IPEG (UK) | here
  • Dennis Crouch (US) Patently-O | here
  • Lawrence Lessig (US) | here

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