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This page highlights some works on geographical indications schemes.

It covers -

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As points of entry into the literature see Bernard O'Connor's Law of Geographical Indications (London: Cameron & May 2004), 'Appellations of Origin and Indications of Source' by Marshall Leafer in 2 International Intellectual Property Law & Policy (Yonkers: Juris 1998) edited by Hugh Hansen, Steven Stern's 2001 paper 'The Overlap Between Geographical Indications & Trademarks in Australia', 'The WTO Geographical Indications Dispute' by Michael Handler in 69 Modern Law Review (2006), William van Caenegem's 2003 'Registered Geographical Indications: Between Intellectual Property and Rural Policy (I)' in 6 Journal of World Intellectual Property and follow-up (PDF) and papers in New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Law (Cambridge: Hart 2005) edited by Christopher Heath & Anselm Sanders.

Other works of value include Michael Blakeney's 2001 'Proposal for the International Regulations of Geographical Indications' in 4 Journal of World Intellectual Property, that journal, the WIPO Symposium on the International Protection of Geographical Indications (Wiesbaden: WIPO 1991), Oskari Rovamo's 2006 Monopolising Names? The Protection of Geographical Indications in the European Community dissertation (PDF), Tomer Broude's 2005 Taking 'Trade and Culture' Seriously: Geographical Indications and Cultural Protection in WTO Law (PDF) and Bruce Babcock & Roxanne Clemens' 2004 Geographical Indications & Property Rights: Protecting Value-Added Agricultural Products (PDF).

For TRIPS see in particular the works by Drahos elsewhere on this site. They can be supplemented with Daniel Gervais' The TRIPS Agreement: Drafting history and analysis (London: Sweet & Maxwell 1998), Carolyn Deere's The Implementation Game: The TRIPS Agreement and the Global Politics of Intellectual Property Reform in Developing Countries (Oxford: Oxford Uni Press 2008), Christopher Arup's The New World Trade Organization Agreements: Globalizing Law Through Services & Intellectual Property (Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press 2000), Susan Sell's Private Power, Public Law: The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights (Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press 2003) Marianne Levin's 'Geographical Indications (GIS) in the Global Village' in Intellectual Property Beyond Rights (Helsinki: WSOY 2005) edited by Niklas Bruun and Keon Jim's 'Intellectual Property Rules for Trademarks & Geographical Indications: Important Parts of the New World Trade Order' in Intellectual Property and International Trade: The TRIPS Agreement (London: Zed 1998) edited by Carlos Correa.

subsection heading icon     wine

For wine see Jeffrey Munsie's 2002 A Brief History of the International Regulation of Wine Production (PDF), Elizabeth Basrham's Translating terroir: the global challenge of French AOC labeling (PDF), Felix Addore & Alexandra Grazioli's 2002 'Geographical Indications beyond Wines & Spirits: A Roadmap for a Better Protection for Geographical Indications in the WTO Trips Agreement' in 5 Journal of World Intellectual Property 6, Justin Hughes' 2006 Cardozo Legal Studies research paper 'Champagne, Feta, and Bourbon - The Spirited Debate About Geographical Indications', Josel's 'New Wine in Old Bottles: The Protection of France's Wine Classification System Beyond its Borders' in 12 Boston University International Law Journal, Albert Celine's 1998 The Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) and other official product standards (PDF) and Michael Maher's 2001 'On vino veritas? Clarifying the use of geographic references on American wine labels' in 89 California Law Review 6.

subsection heading icon     other

Other works include Dev Gangjee's Say Cheese! A Sharper Image of Generic Use through the Lens of Feta (PDF), Bendegkey & Mead's 1992 'International Protection of Appellations of Origin and other Geographic Indications' in 82 Trademark Reporter 5, Bocaletti & Moro's 'The Impact of Mutual Recognition of National Standards and Regulations on Quality and Prices of Foods Products in the Single European Market' in Food Marketing & Food Industries in the Single European Market (Braunschweig: Institut für Landwirtschaftliche Marktförschung 1991) edited by Bucholz & Wendt, Brody's 1994 'Protection of Geographical Indications in the Wake of TRIPS: Existing United States Laws & the Administration's Proposed Legislation' in 84 Trademark Reporter 5, Cook & Crang's 1998 'Biographies and Geographies: Consumer Understanding of the Origins of Foods' in 100 British Food Journal, Kolia's 1992 'Monopolising Names of Foodstuffs: The New Legislation' in European Intellectual Property Review, Thienes' 1994) 'Tradition and Progress: Registration of Geographic Denominations of Origin' in 96 British Food Journal 2.

subsection heading icon     sites

Research and advocacy sites of value include -

  • •OriGIn (Organisation for an International Geographical Indications Network) | here
  • American University GIANT (Geographic Indications & INternational Trade) project | here
  • GeographicIndications.com | here
  • Strengthening INternational Research on Geographical Indications (SINER-GI) | here
  • IPRsonline.org (Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Development) | here

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