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section heading icon     1831 to 1860

This page of the timeline covers -

section marker     1831

Morelot's Statistique de la Vigne Dans le Département de la Côte-d'Or

section marker     1832

Havas news agency established

colonial government of Tasmania establishes first government post office in Australia

Bank of Australasia founded

UK abolishes capital punishment for banknote forgery

section marker     1833

Sirius (714 tonne) makes first wholly steam-powered trip across Atlantic

experimental 1 kilometre-long electric telegraph in Germany

Keble's National Apostasy sermon

section marker     1834

Babbage conceives Analytical Engine

German Zollverein established

section marker     1835

Quetelet's On Man & the Development of His Faculties

UK law prohibits cockfighting and bull-baiting

Lönnrot's Kalevala

section marker     1836

General Register Office in the UK

section marker     1837

Panic of 1837 in US

Priestly v Fowler

Union Bank of Australia founded

Wheatstone and Cooke patent electric telegraph

Morse exhibits electric telegraph in US

world's largest newspaper, New York Sun, has 30,000 circulation

Pitman's book on shorthand

section marker     1838

establishment of Conseil superier de santé

Attwood v Small [UK]

Daguerre-Niépce method begins photographic revolution

Ottoman Tariff Convention

Cournot's Recherches sur les principes mathématiques de la théorie des richesses

section marker     1839

Fox Talbot produces photographs from negatives

Stockdale v Hansard [UK]

electrotyping (duplicating of printing plates) invented by Jacobi

electricity used to run printing press

first use of 'OK' in print? (in Boston Morning Post)

UK Great Western Railway uses electric telegraph

section marker     1840

flat rate 'Penny Post' postage stamps sold in UK

R v St George

Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand

107 accountants in London

first budgerigar sent from Australia to Europe by Coxen

section marker     1841

MacKay's Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

Volney Palmer, first media broker

Merry v Green

completion of Great Western Railway from London to Bristol

first type-composing machine used in London

section marker     1842

Literary Copyright Act in UK

Railway Clearing House set up in UK

von Liebig's Die Organische Chemie

Illustrated London News appears

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) appears

Australian Constitutions Act 1842 (Imp)

Lovelace's Observations on Mr Babbage's Analytical Engine

first Christmas card

Morse gains US$30,000 grant for Baltimore-Washington telegraph line

UK reintroduces Income Tax

section marker     1843

Economist founded

Foss v Harbottle

>Macmillan founded

photographic enlarger

Lovelace publishes Notes about computing

collapse of Bank of Australia (founded 1826)

Peninsular & Oriental steamship service from UK to Calcutta

first UK public telegraph lines, from Paddington to Slough and Gosport to London

section marker     1844

Pearson media group founded as UK civil engineering contractor

Pasch invents first safety match

General Incorporation Act 1844 in UK

Morse's telegraph connects Washington and Baltimore

world does not end, disappointing Millerites

section marker     1845

Morse founds Magnetic Telegraph Company in US

cable laid across English Channel by Siemens & Halske

typewriter ribbon

210 accountants in London

murderer John Tawell caught with help of telegraph

section marker     1846

double cylinder rotary press produces 8,000 sheets per hour

Melbourne Argus appears

Moreton Bay (Brisbane) Courier

Standard Gauge Act in UK

Fatal Accidents Act in UK

40 miles of telegraph line in US

Bank of Portugal founded

section marker     1847

Levi Strauss invents denim jeans

UK 'Railway Mania' Bubble bursts

Bakewell develops "copying telegraph"

Richard Hoe patents rotary printing press

UK Colonial Copyright Act

Montreal Telegraph Company is first telegraph company incorporated in Canada

Siemens & Halske Telegraph Construction Company founded

section marker     1848

2,000 miles of telegraph line in US

Berlin to Frankfurt am Main line in Germany

Mill's Principles of Political Economy

New York Herald's John Nugent is first US reporter jailed for refusing to identify confidential source

American Association for the Advancement of Science founded

Marx's Das Kapital

first WH Smith railway bookstall

US Associated Press established to pool telegraph traffic

Comptoir national d'escompte de Paris established

Chicago Board of Trade founded

section marker     1849

photographic slide

Bain's Electro-chemical patent

Howe patents safety-pin

Berlin-Aachen telegraph line

Continental Telegraphen Compagnie (Wolff Agency) founded

Australian Mutual Provident Society (AMP) founded

section marker     1850

first machine-made paper bag

Mannheim designs logarithmic slide rule

number of magazines published in US reaches 685

12,000 miles of telegraph line in US

Australian Constitutions Act 1850 (Imp)

Australian Colonies Government Act in UK

Australian Constitutions Act in UK

National Bank of Belgium founded

section marker     1851

first edition of New York Times

Hong Xuiquan launches Taiping Rebellion

Spencer's Social Statics

Archer invents wet-plate photography

NSW first introduces death duties

patent for Singer sewing machine

Reuters established

Crampton's Dover-Calais cable

New York & Mississippi Printing Telegraph Company (predecessor of Western Union) formed

section marker     1852

first telegraph line in India

establishment of Pinkerton Detective Agency

23,000 miles of telegraph line in US

Crédit Foncier established

Peninsular & Oriental steamship service from UK to Sydney

first Roget's Thesaurus

Pereire brothers' Crédit Mobilier established

English, Scottish & Australian (ES&A) Bank founded

section marker     1853

envelopes made by paper folding machine

establishment of Compagnie Générale des Eaux, precursor of Vivendi

Cobb & Co formed in Melbourne

Russian state telegraph network commences

Darmstädter Bank founded

1st International Statistical Congress, held in Brussels

section marker     1854

telegraph used in Crimean War

Wheatstone invents Playfair cipher

Eureka Stockade at Ballarat

Boole's An Investigation into Laws of Thought

first Australian telegraph line (Melbourne to Williamstown)

Carte-de-visite process simplifies photography

Austrian State Railways founded

section marker     1855

Sydney-Parramatta railway line in Australia

Hughes' printing telegraph

pre-payment of letters made compulsory in US

Maury's The Physical Geography of the Sea

registered letters enter service in US

newspaper tax in UK abolished

Limited Liability Act 1855 in UK

Yale lock invented

Creditanstalt founded

section marker     1856

Poitevan develops photolithography

European Commission for the Control of the Danube

blotting paper replaces sand boxes

machine-folding of newspapers

Symes buy The Age

NY & Mississippi changes name to Western Union

Bank of Spain founded

section marker     1857

banking crisis of 1857

Hartley v Ponsonby

Obscene Publications Act 1857 in UK

Marx's Grundrisse

section marker     1858

failure of first transatlantic telegraph service

eraser fitted to end of pencil

first aerial photograph

Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney linked by telegraph

National Bank of Australasia founded

section marker     1859

development of wide-angle camera lens

telegraph cable across Bass Strait

Bunsen & Kirchhoff invent the spectroscope

Darwin's The Origin of Species

Smiles' Self-Help

Mill's On Liberty

Great Moral History of Port Curtis, Australia's first comic

Crédit industriel et commercial established in France

Dagron gains first patent for microfilm

section marker     1860

Sholes builds functional typewriter

telegraph links Sweden with Russia

Burckhardt's Kultur der Renaissance in Italien

Crédit Agricole founded

New Zealand Post Office Savings Bank founded

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