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This page highlights key events in Australian and overseas intellectual property law and practice from 1800 to 1900.

It covers -

It supplements the Intellectual Property guide page regarding Australia and the separate profile on Australian court and tribunal decisions regarding copyright.

Context is provided by the multi-page communications & media timeline on this site.

subsection heading icon     1800

1806 Baden enacts first German copyright law

1806 French Design law

1814 English Copyright Act codifies "long-standing practices"

1814 UK Sculpture Copyright Act replaces 1798 'sculpture' legislation

1815 Wordsworth's Essay, Supplementary to the Preface on authorial genius

1817 Ricardo's On the Principles of Political Economy & Taxation

1817 Say's Catechism of Political Economy

1821 Shelley's Defence of Poetry declares the imagination rather than imitation to be the source of art

1831 revised US copyright law extended protection to "musical compositions in traditional notation"

subsection heading icon     1833

1833 UK Dramatic Copyright Act (Bulwer-Lytton Act) protects performing right in dramatic works

1835 US Wheaton v Peters: ruling that limited-term copyright nullifies any common-law right to intellectual property in perpetuity

1836 US Patent Office established

1837 Société des gens de lettres founded in France

1837 Prussian Gesetz zum Schutze des Eigenthums an Werken der Wissenschaft und Kunst in Nachdruck und Nachbildung

1838 UK International Copyright Act 1838

1841 Folsom v Marsh is landmark ruling on fair use in the US

1842 US industrial property regime extended to designs

1842 UK Literary Copyright Act provides authors with lifetime plus 7 years protection

1842 UK legislation extended to cover overseas music (primarily that from sheet music publishers in France and parts of Germany)

1846 Nion's Droit civils des auteurs, artistes et inventeurs is first published use of term 'intellectual property' ('propriete intellectuelle')?

1847 Bourget, Parizot and Henrion successfully sue Paris cafe for music royalties

subsection heading icon     1850

1850 Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM) established in France as first true copyright collecting society

1852 Patent Law Amendment Act (UK) launches modern patent regime

1857 trademark laws enacted in France

1862 UK Fine Arts Copyright Act

1862 UK Merchandise Marks Act 1862

1863 Merchandise Marks Act in South Australia

1863 decision in Gambart v Ball in UK (reaffirmed by Graves v Ashford in 1867) holds that unauthorised photograph of painting infringes copyright in painting

1864 Merchandise Marks Acts in Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania

subsection heading icon     1865

1865 Merchandise Marks Act in NSW

1865 US extends copyright protection to photographs

1867 German national legislature extends duration of copyright to life plus 30 years

1870 US copyright law prohibits unauthorized translations and dramatizations of works published by US publishers (UK and other overseas publishers/authors aren't protected and piracy by Harper Bros causes major friction)

1870 German Gesetz betr. das Urheberrecht an Schriftwerken, Abbildungen, musikalischen Kompositionen und dramatischen Werken

1870 first US trademark granted to Averill Paints

1872 Telegraphic Copyright legislation in Victoria provides short-term protection for telegraphic news services and publishers

1873 Congress for Patent Reform in Vienna

1874 national trademarks legislation in Germany

1874 Nestle registers first trademark in Hong Kong

1875 UK Royal Commission on strengthened copyright protection

1875 Trade Marks Registration Act 1875 (UK)

1875 Bass brewery registers red triangle logo as first mark under UK registration scheme

1876 Trade Marks Act 1876 in Victoria

1878 International Trademark Association (INTA) founded in US

subsection heading icon     1883

1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (eg patents)

1883 Patents, Designs & Trademarks Act 1883 (UK)

1883 International Literary Association produces draft international copyright agreement

1883 office of Comptroller General of Patents established in UK

1884 Trademark Law in Japan

1884 pharmaceutical company registers first trademark in Japan

1884 Designs & Trade Marks Act 1884 (WA)

1884 UK Society of Authors founded

1884 US Supreme Court rules that photographs protected by copyright

1886 Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary & Industrial Works (Berne) - US did not participate

1887 first Japanese copyright law

1888 Pan-American agreement on international copyright (US did not participate)

1891 Chace Act is first US international copyright agreement, extending limited protection on a bilateral basis to selected countries (eg UK and France)

1891 Madrid Agreement on Trade Marks

1891 Madrid Agreement for the Repression of False or Deceptive Indication of Source of Goods ( 'Indication of Source' Agreement)

1893 United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property (BIRPI)

1899 Canadian Society of Authors founded

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